Bravin Yuri

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Just two days after Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko launched modern sanitizer spray booths, three of them have been vandalized by policemen.

The latest is the KenCom spraying booth that was destroyed on Tuesday night by policemen from Buruburu police station.


According to eyewitnesses police cut the water tanks with pangas dismantled the booths and carried them away.

A water boozer that had carried the sanitizer solution has also been taken to the police station.

The police officers proceeded to Buruburu Police Station where they dismantled another spraying booth that was stationed at the police station.

This comes a day after police at Kibera DC Police Posy destroyed similar booths saying they have been instructed to do so by their seniors.

Nairobi Governor took to his social media twitter handle and condemned the act and i quote “May the Lord punish all senior Goverment officers at the O.P who gave instructions for the Kibra Kencom and Burubur sanitizer booths erected by SRC to be vandalized”


It is not yet clear who gave the instructions but it is clear Governor Sonko’s efforts to fight Corona are being sabotaged.

These Modern spraying booths are second lot to be imported to the country by Sonko after Mombasa Governor Joho installed his with his name labelled on then and installed in various public places