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Why are Google search results on ‘Happy white woman’ different?

I came across very interested search results when I Googled Happy Asian Woman, Happy Black woman and Happy White Woman. The results got me curious so I decided to share on Twitter and the reaction from people was interesting too. I mean, Why are Google search results on ‘Happy White woman’ different?


These are the steps that I asked the people to follow and see what comes up;

1. Google Happy Asian Woman


2. Google Happy Black Woman


3. Google Happy White Woman 😁



These are the Images of the search results you find when you Google

1)Happy Black Woman

Image of the Search Results when you google ‘Happy Black Woman’

2) Happy Asian Woman


Image of the search results when you Google ‘Happy Asian Woman’


3)Happy White Woman

Image of Search Results when you Google ‘ Happy White Woman’




These were some of the feedbacks that I received.




It raised my curiosity too as to why are search results on Happy White Woman so different. This also comes up after there was a recent debate concerning why photos posted on Twitter tended to pick or show white people’s faces even when the images are hidden between photos of black people.