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The Nightmare of The Kenyan Youth

As I write this, I am filled with rage, heartbroken, sad, disappointed and feeling so many cocktails of emotions. I look at this nation, Kenya and I basically feel like we have lost touch with reality as a country. Instead of progressive development, we are basically crawling back to the Stone Age.

Where we stand as a nation isn’t a place where a country should stagnate. We are literally killing the future of this nation of which we will be judged harshly by the future generations to come if at all there will be any.

Kenya has lost its glory and honor among other things. As we stand, the unemployment rate among the youths is at over 75%. If you haven’t connected with that reality then take a step back, take a breather, reread this then face it as gospel truth and reality.

This simply means that of all the graduates that leave campuses, over 75% of them who are the youths will be jobless. As if that’s not enough, we are currently dealing with so many companies retrenching people and some even moving businesses to other nations because the environment we have created for investors in Kenya is very harsh.

On the other hand, we are basically creating employment for foreigners at the expense of the citizens. The Chinese for example, have been given licenses to run almost all the businesses in Kenya.

From construction, Telecommunication, hotel industry to even some working as conductors, hawkers and tour guides. We are slowly taking the jobs away from the locals and basically creating opportunities for foreigners especially the Chinese.

Don’t forget that the same Chinese are to run the SGR for 10 years before handing it over to the government. Mark you, these Chinese aren’t Kenyans but in 10 years to come, most would have had children in Kenya who will by default be Kenyan citizens and guess what, the same money made by the Chinese in the SGR will be used to buy land for them as Kenyans.

Let’s not forget the cases where some foreigners strike deals with citizens to be paid to get into marriage contracts with them and later divorce just so that they can remain to be citizens since you don’t lose your citizenship acquired through marriage even after divorce.

Basically taking advantage of the loopholes in the constitution. But that’s a story for another day.

The Kenyan youth has been turned into a voting machine where we are only significant to the politicians when the electioneering period id close and neglected when the period is over. In fact, politicians will even call themselves youths when they want to get the votes of the youths.

That’s when things like “age is just a number” and “we are mentally youthful” come up. As youths, we have to reject such gimmicks and treat this as pure lies. Anyone over the age of 35 is not a youth and no matter what they say, they aren’t youths at all.

Let them keep their metaphors for these are the types of talks that fail us as the country. They are the beginning of all the false promises they make even in the manifestos. Right now in Kenya, the youths face so many challenges that not even words can substantiate enough.

Youths have been made to look like they are the problem of the nation rather than the solution to the problems that the nation is facing.

We have so many youths with various skills and qualified to undertake several job opportunities but the government will prefer to call someone from retirement to come back to work as the youth struggle with poverty and unemployment.

We have as a nation, left the youth to suffer and perish in the arms of Depression, Drug addiction, poverty and the latest nightmare is gambling. So many youths have shifted to gambling with the hope that they will one day be able to be millionaires.

But the reality is that at the end of the day, ‘The House Always Wins’. We have seen so many youths commit suicide because the team they support lost in a match that they had placed a bet that it will win but disappoints them.

So many have even used their school fees to bet with the hope of turning the amount into a larger amount in vain. Some even end up becoming thieves just to get some money to bet. The saddest scenario is where a gambler decides to sleep hungry but use the ksh.100 that they have to bet.

Quenching the thirst of your addiction at the expense of your health. Gambling has also opened up a leeway to money laundering among other things.

Despite the sponsorships that some of these companies give to the sports in the country, if you weigh the positive impacts Vis a Vis the negative, then definitely you will realize the negative outweighs the positive. These companies feed off gambling addicts who need medical attention.

Serious rehabilitation. I would say more about gambling but definitely I can feel the gamblers reading this already boiling in rage with many words they would want to splash on my face but hey, gambling is a right you know.

However, gambling was meant for the rich but currently, most gamblers are poor people and guess who owns the ‘House’? The rich folks. Siphoning every penny from you as you get poorer and poorer.

It is currently very difficult to convince somebody in Kenya that Education is the key to success when we have very many criminals masquerading as successful people and those who are learned are living a very horrible life.

Jobless, drug addicts, alcoholics etc. Politicians keep telling the youths to create jobs for themselves, but guess what? After every 5 years, they run to the same youths to ask for a job. Isn’t that ironic?

They seat in parliament, fail to make policies that will empower the youths but still want the same youth to create jobs for themselves. Pathetic! We have so many youths who are engineers, doctors, e.t.c but the engineering jobs are handed to the Chinese as the Cuban doctors enjoy lucrative payment on the other hand.

Then we have these mobile lending apps that have made it impossible for youths to even prosper. They have huge lending rates and have made many youths to be blacklisted by CRB.

Not forgetting that some of these youths have HELB loans to clear but how can they do so when they are unemployed?

It is a huge dilemma that the youths have to face plus there are penalties for late payments of at least ksh.5k per month. How would a Kenya youth who can’t even afford food to eat be able to service these debts?  This is just a catalyst of the many suicide cases we come by.

The pressure from the parents and society to be something when you definitely can’t see a way out rather out your way out of this word.

It is imperative that the plights of the youths be addressed or else we might not have a future for this country. We keep saying that the youths are the future of tomorrow but how can that be when today alone isn’t guaranteed?

Do we mean that the future of this country is gambling addiction, Drug abuse, Cancer, Unemployment and many other things along that line?

Is that the type of future that we really want for Kenya? We are a sad generation indeed hiding behind emojis, memes and jokes.

It is therefore up to the youths to take up the mantle and change things otherwise, nobody will make anything better for them.

The police treat youths as criminals and it’s even worse for the youths with dreadlocks, the government sees them as a problem that needs to be solved rather than a solution to other problems and more.

Youths need to rise up and demand their position in society. One day it will get better. It always does.