Bravin Yuri

The Black Twitter General


My existence as a woman is a work of wonder. Everyday I’m marvelled by my body, it’s curves, it’s apparent flaws,it’s absolute ability to give life and not just through the vagina, how it responds to passion, how it’s crafted to nurture but torture at the same time.


My body is my temple. It’s my property, my safe space. My body is where I go to strip off the day’s anxieties. I stand naked as the water washes away the day’s fatigue and baptizes me in positive energy.


My body is my nightmare. Despite the love and the care and the attention, my body betrays me. She kills the pathway to my potential unborn, almost as if asking me to make a choice or she would make one for me.


She tears my fertile walls and bleeds for days on end. She turns the fire of my loins into a passion of destruction cutting through me. As if consequence for refusing to conform.


The path of destruction can be mapped out in the smoothness of my skin. The intruders on my garden leave marks as if to remind me the punishment never leaves.


My body is my lover. She awakens a passion so deep, so raw, so real. A fire that turns into a burning desire. She longs for the depths of my penetration rubbing up against her.


She directs me through her beauty. She awakens a goddess within, she connects me to my soul so I choose to never run out if batteries.


My body is my gift. Her complexity makes her a marvel. She gifts me with life, she gifts me with love, she gifts me with passion but a bitch she remains.


My body is mine, my body is not a boardroom Powerpoint presentation. My body is an experience, it’s a journey. My experience, my journey.


I can choose to regift the fruits of my body, I can choose to sell the harvest of my garden, I can choose to reject its gifts, I can choose to retain all its parts.


In other words, womxn are human beings with individual capabilities of handling each of their journey’s as they see fit.


Your opinion on my body is not my business or my responsibility. It should not be a basis to deny me basic human rights.


Keep your opinions but make sure you’re also keeping them away from my individual rights.


Fuck the patriarchy.


Wash your hands and work to flatten the curve by staying home and being safe.