Bravin Yuri is a Mental Health advocate with a background in Political Science and Sociology. He is also an activist, Blogger and Social media Influencer and the Founder of Mental Health Kenya

Uhuru and Raila Handshake


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The World as we know it Is full of Mystery, be it imagination or dreams we all have that picture in our minds of what we perceive to be the Ideal or perfect world.

Where Systems work, everything is perfect if not, close to perfect. We all want a life where everyone would breathe the air with a smile, cough with some cheer in the background, walk with an embrace from your shadow and even sleep with you mind intact.

But as many would put it let’s just leave that to the professionals in Hollywood.

Africa Is a Beautiful continent despite many people being arrogant to refer to it as a Country but, yes! It’s Beautiful.

We have resources that can power this Universe and keep it going for thousands of years. But again we are a continent rich in Poverty.

We have broken systems that are only kept going by hope and not policies that should dictate how a continent should run.

Kenya as a Country is one of those countries with the potential of being a strong economy but as it is, Kenya is Falling. We have a system that is beyond decay. It’s actually a Living dead system.

Corruption has crippled every sector and the paradise we once knew and hoped for is even beginning to fade away from the People’s minds. As a Country we cherish Peace more than Democracy.

There is a Strong support towards peace and time is even dedicated to preaching peace than democracy.

As the retired President Moi once said “Siasa Mbaya Maisha mabaya

Basically, Peace is a Product of Democracy and democracy can actually guarantee peace where as Peace can never guarantee democracy.

For a Nation to more forward we all need to focus on building a strong democracy rather than a Peaceful Nation. Until this is done, we are just but dancing to the “Tumblings of the Tumbulus”.

From where we stand currently, as a country, we have borrowed excessively to an extent that we are literally choking on this debts. The sad state of affairs here is that you cannot even see what the money that is borrowed is doing.

We just borrowed another Euro bond and the Treasury already said close to 40 million dollars was missing by the time they received the money.

Nobody has substantiated the Whereabouts of the Missing funds but as the citizens we are being lied upon by the politicians that the money is on projects.

The Youths are at a shocking 80% Unemployment rate yet at the same time, the same politicians say the Youths are the future of the nation.

How are youths supposed to be the future when they can’t even secure their present and their tomorrow? Politicians with over 45 years still campaign and call themselves youths no wonder they even think employing 45 years old and above is the youth bracket.

If a Country cannot take care of its youths then that country is doomed. Kenya is headed there.

Our Once known heaven is currently under threat and if we don’t contain the damage right now, we are headed for a Disaster. The last general election split this Country totally.

We are more divided than ever and if anything serious happens, Kenya will be apocalyptic. We pretend to love our neighbors as long as the politicians are together but immediately they show each other their backs, we stab each other to death. We are like Robots and the politicians have the controls.

As the retired President Moi once said “Siasa Mbaya Maisha mabaya”, poor governance and style of politics will eventually ruin our country. Lets save our country.

Let’s save Mama Kenya before it’s too late. Let’s say No to any politician who would come with gifts wrapped in a Tribal paper, corrupt job opportunities and incites to Violent.

Let’s say No to these Nightmares.

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