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Tarimbo By Ethic Deleted From YouTube

Ethic Entertainment released a very controversial Music that faced too much criticism especially from the KFCB C.E.O Dr. Ezekiel Mutua who went on social media and called out on Ethic Entertainment. This is what he had to say.

Tarimbo ethic vs mutua

I personally, agree With Dr. Ezekiel Mutua on this. Tarimbo as a Song is not only Rapey in the lyrics but if you understand what art is, even the video itself has some part that literally promote sexual violence.

The chorus of the video insists on having sex without consent which is wrong in all ways. What Ethic needed to do was pull down the video, edit the lyrics and re-upload the video with better lyrics.

What people fail to understand is that Tarimbo wasn’t banned because it uses vulgar language. Several artists have used vulgar language but their music is still on YouTube. The likes of boondocks gang, Zzero Sufuri etc. Tarimbo was banned because it encourages sexual violence. It’s that simple. People should just stop pretending to have a ‘cool’ interpretation of the song. If you can’t see what’s wrong with the song then you are the problem. Would you be okay id your younger sibling/Child was singing such kind of music in front of you or when you have guests in your house? Would you be okay if what they sing in that song was literally done to your sister? Think about it carefully then you will understand why the music was banned.

The Tarimbo video was later on deleted from YouTube and the channel served with a second warning. Initially, they were served with copyright infringement notice on one of their songs. At this point, Ethic Entertainment needs to be very careful because one more issue and their channel which they have build over time will be suspended permanently. The KFCB C.E.O Dr Ezekiel Mutua took on social media to celebrate the deletion of the video from YouTube.

The C.EO further went ahead and added that he will be coming for the 10/10 Citizen show. This is what he had to say, “Soon such filth like 10/10 will be off air and those using such channels to corrupt the morals of our children will have their recompense here and in the life to come! @InfoKfcb” ~Dr Ezekiel Mutua

I have strongly been a critic of Dr. Ezekiel Mutua but on this, I strongly support him. Tarimbo deserved the ban. People should stop using excuses like Gengetone creates employment to support rapey music. They can do better and should do better. When you are talented artists like Ethic Entertainment, you can do better. Great artists who have been remembered over there years respected women and recorded music that addressed social issues. Gengetone only revolves around Alcohol, drugs, sex and women. They should diversify. Speak about serious issues and subject matter despite the music being associated with the ghettos. There are serious issues from the ghettos they can sing about. That’s my Two cent.