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Sonko Heads to ICC

Nairobi Governor Mile Mbuvi Sonko has reiterated that he is heading the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT on behalf of Nairobi resident press charges against several Government officials.

In his affidavit, dated today Sonko intends to press charges against Interior PS Karanja Kibicho, Nairobi Regional Commissioner Wilson Njega among others..

In his affidavit Sonko says,

The Defendants have jointly and through the police officers and officials under them systematically been targeting and killing people during curfew time from 7 PM to 5 Am within Nairobi City.

Further, the Defendants have been ordering the demolition and vandalization of installed by the Defendants across Nairobi City informal settlements to step the spread of Covid-19 infections especially in congested areas where a majority of the population cannot afford or access water and sanitizers for regular sanitizing.

As a result of their vandalism, Covid-19 cases have risen in poor neighbourhoods like Kawangware, a slum in Nairobi City.

The denial of essential Covid-19 prevention services to the residents in the poor neighbourhoods appear to be calculated by the Defendants who would benefit from administering emergency funds appear to target the poor sections of Nairobi Population who cannot afford self-care to key the virus from their neighbourhoods. ”

He further added that the Defendants have been effectively blocking the Plaintiff and his registered NGO from distributing free masks, sanitizers, and relief food to the masses for political ends thereby risking the lives of the poor residents in the informal settlements.

The Defendants have also deployed intimidation and violence against humanitarian workers of the Sonko Rescue Team to stop them from giving emergency assistance from residents in informal settlements.

Finally, the Defendants have been evicting and displacing populations during Covid-19 pandemic without justification for example in Kariobangi North without justification or court order thousands of Nairobi City residents exposed to the deadly virus out in the cold with nowhere to go or forced to move to other neighbourhoods to put up with relatives against social distancing rules.