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REVEALED: Why Mediamax is Fast Nose Diving

“If you have ever worked, or you work at the Kijabe Street-based company associated with the Kenyatta family, then you know that company is cursed.” An insider intimates.

Present and former staff at the Company which is run by one Ken Ngaruiya who is currently in the office of the CEO in an acting capacity makes a lot of revenues which end up in his pockets.

Sources close to us reveal how Ngaruiya frustrates sales teams who go out of their way to make revenues through adverts.

I spoke to one of them who left the Company 6 months ago and the revelation was shocking.

“You will find that for instance, when a salesperson gets an advert from a certain company, the procedure dictates that you inform Ken, who is supposed to give you the go-ahead after which you get your commission,” she said.

“However the problem is Ngaruiya will not allow you to get your commission as it is supposed to to be, he takes your source’s contacts meets them behind your back, asks for a cheaper package of the same advert and my friend you will see the advert on air without your knowledge and the money is sent to Ngaruiya’s account, when you call your client they tell you your CEO called me and that is the end of your advert and commission,” she adds.

“Why is it that adverts in that Company run without being paid for or paid to an individual, yet the same person will tell you the company is not making money?” Wonders the insider.

Other members of the sales team have confirmed the same, saying that the godforsaken company is full of cartels.

In addition, it is said that the Company always comes up with one project or the other so that Ken can pocket 2/3 of the hundreds of millions given by the board for each project.

One such well-known project has to be the constant rebranding of TV studios and relaunching of various brands.


Since 2013, K24 TV for example, has relaunched 5 times and every time a new studio is constructed and rebranding of K24 TV is done.

k24 studios

Sources at the procurement department indicate that for every relaunch Ngaruiya convinces the board to cough up over 1B shillings on a project that will cost tens of millions, not a billion.

The balance is said to be pocketed by cartels led by Ngaruiya. . .

“This Ken Ngaruiya is the problem of Uhuru Kenyatta’s Company.” says one journalist who was fired 2015.

Angry MPs now want a lifestyle audit conducted on Ngaruiya as he is said to own several buildings in Nairobi and properties yet he believes in paying people peanuts.

We also revealed that the rebranding of K24 Tv and Kameme TV unnecessarily cost Uhuru’s family a lot of money, yet no revenues are made back to the company.

Currently, the Company is on a go-slow after 50% Salary cut was announced by Mr. Ngaruiya.