Bravin Yuri

The Black Twitter General


Hey there,

It’s me, you swore to protect. It’s me, who gladly pays taxes for you to get paid. I’m the one who toils nearly day and night to irk a living . I don’t want to become a thief or get recruited in extremist militia groups and eventually shoot you and your family dead.


Before you descend on me, before you point a barrel of a gun against me, I want you to take a minute. Before kicking me, teargassing me, or asking the sniffer dogs to rip me apart and other sorts of impunities, please read this. I will try to be brief as I understand, Curfew is coming, and as I pen this down, I am praying that I get home before a bridge, a tunnel or a parking lot becomes my temporary home tonight

I understand you take orders and follow them without questioning their repercussions. It is by following these orders that you are able to put a plate on your table. It is by following these orders that you are able to keep us safe. But again, before anything else, you are human. I believe you have some humanity in you. I will try to grab the attention of the human aspect of you as this letter is for you to read with your heart and take every word to your soul.

As you are out there, breaking every bone that we have in our bodies as you supposedly are enforcing law and order, I just want to inform you that taxes have already done the better part of that. Most of us out here are so broken that we only live by hope. As you reign terror on the citizens, remember that maybe your daughter, son, wife, brother, mother, husband, you yet don’t know who you might be dealing with. It is a world that will play the lamest joke on you. Imagine if someone was raining the same terror you are raining on other people on your daughter or son, how would you feel?

I may not understand the vigorous training you go through to become police officers. Still, I know your humanity has not been shredded off completely. If that were the case, then we wouldn’t have officers who are falling in love. Love keeps us human. It is, therefore, the same love that will get us through this tough time that we are in. Show love to those you meet out there and they will in turn respect you. Fear doesn’t solve Issues; it makes people keep essential things to themselves.

I believe that the Enemy we have is Coronavirus and not each other. We need to be more united and not divided at this time. It is a time when people should feel more protected by the police and are not likely to die from police brutality than Coronavirus. I, therefore, appeal to you to consider Using Sanitizers, face masks, and gloves as your weapons and not batons and Teargas. This is a fight against the virus and not each other. Teargas only makes things worse. We are supposed not to touch our eyes, noses, and mouth. What do you think Teargas does when you release it to innocent Citizens? It irritates. We will cough, sneeze, touch our noses, mouth, and eyes. All these are spots we have been advised not by Health experts not to touch.

I suppose that there are better ways you can handle the Curfew and, in general, enforce law and order—more humane ways. You just have to look for better methods at your disposal to use. You can take lessons from Ibrahim Abachila. He seems to have to Know there are better ways to handle the situation other than meting violence on citizens. Meanwhile, I pray to the deity that he protects you as you protect us; this virus doesn’t choose those powerful or the weak ones. You, too, could be the victim of the virus. As Government sends you to protect us, the same Government first protects you by giving you the protective gear that you need. If you aren’t Protected against the virus, then how are we supposed to be safe?

May this message be a message of hope to you and a message that will probably change something in you, if not everything. I still have hope that you can do better. May we dwell in unity, Peace, and Liberty. May Plenty be found within our borders.

Your Loving Brother