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NOT YET UHURU: A Future Past

No. Not Yet. It’s Not Yet Uhuru.

Not Yet, Uhuru. Now, is it a coincidence that the title of this article is Not Yet Uhuru, but I wrote all those many at the beginning of this piece? Ifikie Uhuru.

Today, I couldn’t agree more with Oginga Odinga. At the same time, I observed that the concept of the apple falling near the tree is meaningless in reference to Raila Odinga but embodies Uhuru Muigai.

It is ridiculous and a waste of resources to call 12th December 2019 a celebration of, “Kenya becoming a republic on 12 December 1964, and also marking Kenya’s independence from the United Kingdom on 12 December 1963, a year earlier”.

Ridiculous because it’s Not Yet Uhuru. We are far from being free and Oginga’s autobiography, which defends his leftist political stance, shows Oginga as a man who dared to dream of a United Africa and African Business competing with white supremacy business.

While I do not seek to provide a book review of Oginga’s autobiography, it is relevant to the discussion I seek to evoke among patriots. The book identifies the trick used by the white slave masters to continue holding resources in the African continent.

Kenya is strategically located near Tanzania, which had inclined towards socialism during ujamaa. Besides, the country provided a strategic control point for the Congo which has unlimited resources under her belly.

In the reggae lyrics by Morgan Heritage, there is nothing to smile about and certainly, today is not a day to celebrate. Not because it’s on the eve of Friday the 13th, and I do not wish to encourage any paraskevidekatriaphobia among the audience.

However, recognition Jamhuri Day a celebration is an insult to the armed rebel fighters who took arms to fight the white slave masters and were defeated and the leaders who dedicated their political lives to fight for a better today for all Africans.

Celebrating Jamhuri is equal to accepting the continuation of the enslavement of Africans across the continent, a delay in uniting Africans, a vote for the continuation of the exploitation of Africa for a resource by the white supremacist together with African leaders bending over to the white slave master and the denial of the possibility to create African business to compete with the white supremacist businesses.

Although Oginga supported Kenyatta’s armed struggle after meeting him in Nairobi, by the time Kenyatta was released from prison, he had agreed to serve the slave master and was more than glad to do business with them.

The government bought land from the white plantation owners at a premium and sold to them almost immediately at a lower price.

The sell-out also grabbed parcels across the country such as Delamere and Peponi, now called Northlands among many others. At the same time, the rest of the nation remains disenfranchised.

On the contrary, the dream of growing African businesses to compete with the white slave masters and uniting all Africans lost momentum owing to the UK orchestrating a fight against Oginga to block his political ideology through denial of expression.

The mechanization of excluding Oginga’s school of thought from the public was calculated so as to cripple the fight for ultimate freedom for Africans as Kenya’s freedom revolution would open up Britain to revolutionary attacks by the rest of the surrounding countries.

Today, the men who rule the country do not do it for the interest of the average citizens. Most of them live for checking their private bank account statements and the interests of Western powers.

The long imprisonment of Kikuyu leaders brought out more neocolonialists than the African aspiration leaders. Those who opposed the regime of that time were confined to meeting at funerals.

Something smells funny? It’s the belch and vomit of the over satisfied neocolonialists who have amassed and continue to do so at the expense of their African people.


Africa has never been considered anything more than a resource center for the folks suffering from a superiority complex.

Even with the not so many commerce classes, I sat through, and the drumming of the concept of limited resources into my head, I refuse to believe that resources are limited.

Africa as a continent is the most resourceful of all continents. The assault on the continent will not end unless all Africans realize that there is a need to make decisions that guarantee the protection of black people.

Slavery and colonialism have been resource exploitation methods. Today, several players including Japan, China, the United States and even recently Russia, have joined the long queue of willing white-skinned shylocks.

Only that Africa, and Africans, both living in the motherland and abroad are the assurance for the high-interest short term loans.

Lastly, what exactly does “becoming a republic” mean? Were we not a people, governed by the code of our kinsmanship before the slave master? Were we not a nation bound by a sense of community? Ubuntu is our culture.

Although this is not to deny that regional divisions existed, for instance, my Wanga ancestors sold our Bukusu neighbors wild dogs and passed them for domesticated ones, the same cannot be compared to the rifts that have been created today by the same political elite.

Most folks have lost hope because of the thought of the extent of the damage done by the slave master across the continent and since the first African leadership. On the contrary, I haven’t.

I seek to call out the ruling men of this country for continual ignorance of the suffering population in exchange for limitless bank accounts and positions in high places.

The wounds of historical injustice are unhealed and today is an injustice in itself. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts.

The shady BBI deal is comparable to Blaise Compaoré’s attempted constitutional change in Burkina Faso before the spirit of Thomas Sankara awoke in the people of Burkina Faso.

Where are the descendants of James Kariuki, was Dedan Kimathi’s sacrifice meaningless? Did Tom Mboya and Josiah Mwangi Kariuki die for nothing?

Where are the sons and daughters of Mau Mau? Where are the descendants of Nabongo Mumia, or because my great grandfather collaborated, the whole Luhya nation is licking boots at the high table and pieces of bread crumbs are good enough?

What about Dr. Robert Ouko and Pio Gama Pinto. The souls that have become martyrs of a country purported to be independent are infinite, Baby Pendo and Chris Msando are recent examples if Pio Gama does not ring a bell.

The power vests with the people and people have the power to determine their future. In the spirit of Che, let the African Revolution begin.

I will not shave my beard until the drums roll, because it’s not yet Uhuru.