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Narok Sugarcane Farmers And Youth Speak Out.

Unemployment is not a new word to the ears of Kenyans, especially when it comes to youths, it has even become part of them to the extent that some of the youth have turned to criminal activities to try to make ends meet.

Nationally and also within the counties, We have been hearing cries and complains about this demon.

In Narok county, a section of young leaders led by Stephen Ole Narupa, Chairman of farmers union and Honorable Philip Lenkume Ntalamia, a young leader aspiring to represent the dreams of the people of Narok to the National Assembly as a member of parliament, Kilgoris constituency, on 18th December 2019 they attended and chaired series of functions in different wards, that is, Shankoe ward and Keyian ward, In meetings involving groups of sugarcane farmers and youths.

Amongst the agendas that gave rise to heated conversations were that of unemployment and about Mara Sugar Factory mistreating the farmers. In their complaints, farmers claimed that the white managers(They narrowed down to two of them, Agriculture manager and Regional manager ) in the company beat and insult them by calling them donkeys, monkeys and other names I cannot mention here.

Angry farmers also complained about the factory reducing the price of sugarcanes from Ksh 4310 to Ksh 3710 a tonne without involving them in the decision making yet they are partners with the company.

Stephen ole narupa

Farmers through their leaders, Mr. Stephen Ole Narupa and Hon Philip Ntalamia requested the National government to step in and investigate the company and its leadership before February 2020 or they will take action and close the factory if their demands will not be met by then.

On their side, Youths wanted the two factories found in Narok county, that is, Mara Sugar company and Mara tea factory to consider giving them more job opportunities so that they can be able to build their own future.

They also pointed fingers to their MCAs and their Members of Parliament for failing to fight for them.

To their rescue, Hon Philip Ntalamia asked the Mara sugar and Mara tea to prioritize giving the youth around Narok jobs in the factories.