Bravin Yuri

The Black Twitter General

My take on the Fake Twitter Copyright Claims

Twitter started as an application that was supposed to let people share photos of themselves having lunch but has since grown to become one of the most powerful social media applications on the globe.

I would arguably say Twitter is more power in Kenya than even Facebook.

In the recent past, there has been serious Censorship on Twitter which hasn’t gone well with most of the people on Twitter.

Some have been permanently suspended for their opinions. But away from that, today I would like to talk about a loophole that is being exploited by individuals to prevent others from using the platform freely; The Fake Copyright Claims via DMCA.

Twitter accepts Copyright reports that are sent via DMCA and as a response, once they receive multiple copyright claims about your account, you get automatically suspended.

The sad part is that these claims are never validated before the suspension. You just receive an email that your account has been suspended. You are then provided by two options.

To file a Counter-Notification or ask the person who filed the Claims to retract after an agreement is reached that you won’t use their materials again without permission.

The problem comes in where the people who make these reports are NOT the owners of the materials in question and DON’T even represent the owners of these materials.

My Twitter account @Itsbravin was suspended early this year by someone who does not have a physical address at all.

They claimed to own materials I posted which I personally had the rights to use since they were taken by me. I appealed and restored the account after 3 to 4 months.

This was a blow to my brand as a person. The sad part is that, I am currently facing the same situation.

This is a Targeted Copyright Harassment which twitter should have already noticed by now. But since they operate on automation then they have no time to even read through.

Twitter should have a way that people can actually raise such issues instead of having the forms they have which don’t have the option of reporting such harassment.

I have been suspended for what I believe is foul play. If only they could look into it. What happens is that a group of people pay others to bring down influential accounts on Twitter.

From the suspension of @Itsbravin, @Ronoh__ @WanjikuRevolt, @Iambravin and more. These are issues that Twitter should look into unless they believe Kenyans aren’t important at all.

I have used my personal account (@Itsbravin) to address various issues that have affected the country and society at large and seems this wasn’t going well with other people.

I have raised several discourses on Mental Health, Social Justice and more.

I believe that there should be a better way of suspending accounts other than in such a manner.

I am hopeful however that Twitter will eventually look into this issue of fake Copyright Claims.