Bravin Yuri is a Mental Health advocate with a background in Political Science and Sociology. He is also an activist, Blogger and Social media Influencer and the Founder of Mental Health Kenya

Love Fever – Part 2

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He grabbed one of the pillows and put it over his face and enjoyed every chill that ran through his body from his manhood. He sat upright and pulled her close to him.

He kissed her gently as he rubbed her nipples with one of his hands while he directed the other under her dress. That scenario of the wind blowing up her dress was still on his mind and he couldn’t stop wanting to touch her and pull that dress up.

He pulled down her white laced pant, smelled it and cursed under his breath,”damn! that smells good”. He moved around such that his ass was on her face and breathed in that sweet scent of her womanhood. (mnaiita 69?).

He gently blew on her lips and her legs trembled as she lifted her waist higher towards his face. Just as they started giving each other pleasure, the door flew wide open and kenzi rushed in.

She was soaking wet from the heavy rains outside. “Honey am b…” she dropped the bags she was carrying. She ran out of words.

Danny and Diana jumped and knocked the bottle and the glasses of wine off the table and they shattered. Kenzie’s legs slowly failed and she fell on the ground with a loud thud. She heard her husband’s voice calling from a far and slowly faded and everything went dark.

Danny carried Kenzie to their bedroom and lay her on the bed. He kept a warm wet cloth on her forehead and sat next to her. He was shaking and cursing under his breath.

Few minutes later Kenzie opened her eyes and looked around. She had been changed the wet clothes she was in and a glass of water was beside her bed. She looked at Danny smiled.

He was shocked. Why is she smiling? Is she hurt or not? Is she mad? Had they planned this? He started to explain himself “nothing happened, we were just tipsy” but she cut him short.

She took the glass of water and gulped it all and stood up. She went to the living room to find her sister crying on the floor, she held her sister up and escorted her to the door.

It was still raining so she offered her an umbrella. Diana was apologizing and explaining herself but Kenzie was smiling which seemed really strange.

After Diana left, Kenzie cleaned the messed living room, swept the carpet, collected all the pieces of glasses and wiped the table. Minutes later, the house was sparkling as it was before.

She went to the bedroom to wear a sweater and her husband was curled on the bed in guilt.  She looked at him and smiled. The entire night Danny kept apologizing and Kenzi said everything was ok.

Days passed by, Danny was super nice and helpful around the house. He came straight home from work and brought a gift everyday.

On the other hand, guilt was eating Diana so she called Kenzi and wanted to talk things over.

Kenzi invited her over. Danny was on a 2 days business trip. She prepared dinner early and Diana got home later that evening. Kenzi served food and they sat to eat in a very awkward silence.

When they were done, Kenzi finally broke the silence. “why did you do that siz?”

Diana closed her eyes and apologized, “I am so sorry. I got carried away, I haven’t seen my boyfriend for so long. I came over to talk to you about it and your husband was so handsome, gentle, smelled nice and I got drank and things happened real fast. I’m so sorry Kenzi”

She spoke until she started chocking on her own words. She coughed and coughed until she spit blood. She took a glass of water and drank but now her stomach was burning.

Kenzi kept smiling and Diana was pale and out of breath. “Kenzie, what have you done?”

She muttered as she collapsed on the floor and wriggled, spitting more blood until she didn’t move anymore.


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