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Trouble is looming at the Kijabe Street based company which is owned by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s family as K24, PD Newspaper staff threatens to down tools on Tuesday  and withdraw their services, following plan to slash their salaries by as much as 50%.


Sources close to us reveal that employees have refused to take the pay cuts citing already being overworked and underpaid even before the coronavirus crisis.


The Company which laid off over 150 employees late last year has over the years gained a bad reputation of using and dumping workers at will, with sources indicating that the Acting CEO Ken Ngaruiya pushed for the ridiculous measures in a desperate bid to be confirmed as CEO. “Ken Ngaruiya is and always has been the biggest stumbling block to the growth of Mediamax but the owners don’t seem to see this,” said a mole.

Past Copy of PD Newspaper


The massive firing left Kameme Tv with one Anchor and 4 reporters who hardly get off days.

K24 on the other hand was left with 7 Reporters and 4 anchors who have been working in two shifts since the covid 19 crisis began, putting even more pressure on the staff who are facing the highest pay cuts announced by any media house during this period.


Part of the letter sent to their emails said and i quote ”…Amongst the proposed measures that will directly apply to employees will be a reduction of 20-50% on gross monthly pay based on job levels effectively April 2020…


The mediamax employees have resorted to boycott work on Tuesday than take the pay cut,hoping President Uhuru Kenyatta will intervene a day after he thanked employers for not slashing and sending employees home during these hard times of the Corona Pandemic