Bravin Yuri

The Black Twitter General


Politicians will always be politicians to them it is not the lives of the people that they represent matter but what they will put in their big bellies.


We have heard or even seen Governors being impeached or politicians who are performers being fought and sometimes the public tends to support the malicious fight.


However do you know some of these fights are politically instigated?


This is a recorded conversation of Nairobi jubilee party Majority Leader Charles Thuo consulting with one of the main sponsors of Sonko’s impeachment motion,bbefore Sonko handed part of Nairobi county to the National Government.


It is obvious the handing over of the county Government rubbed them the wrong way as the impeachment didn’t take place.

Sources close to county assembly says over 10M shillings was spent to lobby for the impeachment of Governor Sonko.


The cartels led by Thuo and minority whip Peter imwatok had pocketed part of the money.


Since Sonko handed over part of the government most of them have gone missing and cannot face the sponsors of the said impeachment plan that failed