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New Way To Prevent Luhyas from Contracting Coronavirus?

Viral Photo of a Poshomill Chained with wires

This photo of a Poshomill chained with barbered wires has gone viral across social media platforms and there has been a number of speculations about it some even wondering, Is this the new way to prevent Luhyas from Contracting Coronavirus? To begin with, this has been categorically linked to the Luhya community in relation to our love for ugali.?

In a Country that is faced with the Coronavirus pandemic, many people have assumed that by doing this, the owner of the Poshomill is trying to prevent the public from spreading Coronavirus. This is because mostly when the people come to grind their maize, most of them often hit or bang on the siever to get the floor out that might be stuck there. Hence they might leave the virus there and transmitted to the next person.

On the contrary, as much as this May be one of the reasons, the banging however, sometimes may be too hard and this may loosen or even weaken the Poshomill if it’s vigorously done for a long time. This therefore, is a measure to ensure that people avoid  banging or hitting the Poshomill too hard..

If you think Otherwise or that this isn’t a New way to prevent Luhyas From contracting Coronavirus, then feel free to share your opinion on the comments.