Bravin Yuri

The Black Twitter General



Whenever you join any Social media, you are always looking forward to having a good interact and conversation with various people for different reasons. This however isn’t possible in many occasions if you don’t know who to follow or if you don’t have the right following to have a conversation with.

Twitter Currently I should say, is the king of Social Media. If it doesn’t trend on Twitter then definitely it just ain’t it. On the other hand, Twitter is a place where you hold a conversation alone until someone else decides to join you. ?

Twitter is quite complex to those who are new to it and there is always a pattern among those who join the platform. To begin with, You join, don’t understand anything, then leave for sometime, come back later, get addicted to it and you will eventually find yourself uninstalling other Social media platforms. That is always the cycle.

Gaining Followers on Twitter can be very tricky especially if you are new, are not a celebrity, Politician or any other influential person in the Society. You Therefore have to learn some few things if you want to gain Followers on Twitter. There are other shortcuts however but I would never recommend them to anyone who is intending to build a brand that should stand strong overtime. I will discuss them at the end. But First, let’s discuss the Best ways to build your brand;


Always make sure you have outlined well the subject matter that you will be discussing on Social media. Be it Politics, Music, Fashion,comedy etc and be sure to stick to your niche. People follow different people for different reasons so make sure you stick to the reason that made someone follow you. If I followed you because of your political views and you later switch to music, it might prompt me to unfollow you. That’s just how things work.


You will Only gain more Followers if you are active on Twitter. If you aren’t active then be sure to either lose the Followers you already have or not gain any Followers at all. Always engage Your Followers and the best kind of Followers are often those with less Followers. They are often very insightful and engage you more and therefore make the conversation quite great.


Whenever you are discussing a topic, be sure to use the correct Hashtag. This will ensure that your content or contribution gets to a bigger audience and even make you gain more Followers if the people who see the post like your contribution.


Follow trains have been for a long time a Very significant way of gaining Followers in a less organic way. However, this isn’t a mode of gaining Followers that I would recommend to many. It’s more of a ‘monkey see, monkey do’ mode of growing your brand. I follow you only if you follow me. You might end up with an audience that isn’t even interested with what your brand offers.


You can also gain Followers by promoting your account using the Twitter ads feature. This makes it possible for your account to be promoted across the platform based on the metrics you chose to use on the promotion. It may work well but is very expensive.

These are the 5 best ways you can gain Followers on Twitter and have great interaction. Other less convenient ways I talked about are as follows. I STRONGLY Don’t advocate for them but they have proved to make some people gain so many followers on Social media.

i)Post Sex Related Content – Works on the analogy that ‘Sex Sells’.

ii)Be a Troll – This may get you suspended

iii)Buy an account that already has a huge following. –  It is legal but still happens


It is therefore upon you to decide which of these ways suits you best and use any of them to grow your Brand.