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George Mukabi: Talented Musician who died tragically

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George Mukabi

George Mukabi was a very talented young man whose life was cut short tragically just as his music career was picking up. He was just in his early 30s. 33 years to be more specific. He was murdered in Butsotso by the people of his in-laws.

George Mukabi was gifted a guitar by an Englishman and he loved that guitar very much. He had two wives by the way. So, George had just come from Nairobi from a music business. He left his guitar in his second wife’s house then went to have some rest in his first wife’s house.

This didn’t go down well with the second wife who felt really jealous cause she believed George was going to give the first wife all the money he brought with him from Nairobi. She took his guitar and smashed it. George heard the commotion coming from his second wife’s house. He proceeded to the second wife’s house to check what was happening. The second wife who had realized what she had done, took off to her parents’ home as Mukabi gave chase. He loved that guitar and wasn’t just going to let the issue slide like that.

George came from Emulunya and his second wife came from Butsotso. Upon arrival at his in-laws which was just around the corner, he passed his father-in-law who was basking in the sun and went straight to the house to look for his wife. When he failed to find her in the sitting room, he entered the bedroom where he found her hiding under her parents’ bed. He dragged her out and started beating her. The woman’s father who was too old to fight, screamed for help from the villagers who were still in their farms.

They came with machetes, jembes and rungus and straightaway descended on George. Despite sustaining deep cuts, he still managed to cross River Yala as he tried to save his life from the Villagers. However, he collapsed just some distance from the banks.

The villagers who were still in hot pursuit caught up with him and finished him off by cutting him into pieces. They then placed the body parts on a mkokoteni and took them to Kakamega Hospital.

That’s how the whole thing is said to have gone down.

There is even a song that was sung about his death as a tribute. Goes like

Watu Butsotso, ni wabaya sana, walikata George kama mti,

Watu Butsotso, ni wabaya sana, walikata George kama mti,

George Mwamba, angalikuwa Kisa, wasingemkata, kama mti ya Kujenga nyumba,

The song is sad indeed.


George Mukabi inspired alot of artists and he was among the first recording artists in kenya. He did folk music and had done less than 30 songs upon his death. Although most these songs were hits. Hard to find too. I often listened to him on Vinyl. Sengula is a gem. Mtoto si nguo was even a bigger hit to date.

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