Bravin Yuri is a Mental Health advocate with a background in Political Science and Sociology. He is also an activist, Blogger and Social media Influencer and the Founder of Mental Health Kenya

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On campus, I was one of those kajua-know-it-all-hopeless-romantic freshmen. Yeah, that was me. Seven hells!! I believed in love so bad I had names set aside for my first three kids and this was before I had lost my virginity.

Love Fever – Part 2

He gently blew on her lips and her legs trembled as she lifted her waist higher towards his face. Just as they started giving each other pleasure, the door flew wide open and kenzi rushed in.

Love Fever – Part 1

That scenario did not pass Danny's eyes. Diana was quite embarrassed as she walked back to sit because Danny was staring at her all along while holding his shorts.